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This Network is here to develop your skills to be a savvy broker and help you manage a sustainable business that is continuously growing and creating new jobs.

We open doors for you. You, the broker are why the Network exists.

While the Network is managed by INSETA, you the broker are the Network.
Here’s what you can expect from us:
  • Business Development support
  • Support with compliance
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FAIS RE Level 1 three-day workshop
Bursary Funding Window Communique
INSETA Funding Window for Skills
Learneship and Internship window

INSETA Management Team will be holding one on one sessions around INSETA partnerships and funding opportunities, with employers around the country. They will have representatives from:
Learnerships - How to attract new entrants into the business
Internships - How to access interns on your business with INSETA support
Skills programmes - How to obtain the balance of your FAIS credits
Bursaries - How to access University studies, and other full qualification programmes with INSETA support.
You could meet with them during:
June 2014, July 2014, October 2014, February 2015, May 2015, August 2015, November 2015, February 2016

Employers who are interested in the above funding opportunities can request a meeting through adelines@inseta.org.za - Skills Planning Manager
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Tel: 0861 130 013
e-mail: info@insetanetwork.co.za
SMS: 072 095 0513
Welcome to INSETA’s National Skills Development Broker Network... that’s a mouthful, we know, so just call us ‘the INSETA Network’.

In fact right off the bat, we want to tell you that we’re listening more carefully to what you want, and one of the first things we want to get right is to use plain English!

the Network is a ‘no nonsense, no frills, serious about business’ business.

We want you to be gushing and gossiping about the Network, because doors have been opened for you to be:

learning connected creating Jobs

Benefit from:
  • Business Development Support
  • Support with compliance
  • Rewards for achieving compliance milestones
  • Monthly Lucky Draws
Every quarter we’ll be giving away fabulous prizes in our Lucky Draw.
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